127 Yard Sale

Ever heard of it?  I’ve lived in Cookeville for 24 years and I’ve always wanted to experience the ultimate yard sale.  I’m a true treasure seeker.  My husband would say I’m a junk seeker, but as we have all heard the saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”  I love to find old neglected pieces and give them new life, new purpose.

If you have not heard of the “127 Yard Sale,” it is considered the longest yard sale in the world.  It is on Highway 127 from Gadsden, Alabama all the way to Addison, Michigan spanning 690 miles.  It is an annual yard sale, and it is attended by treasure hunters from all over the country.  It is scheduled for the first weekend in August every year, but it has expanded to Wednesday through Saturday.  This past weekend marked the 26th year and the dates for next year’s 127 Yard Sale is already posted on websites, along with maps, advertisements, and booths and spaces to rent.

My friend, Sherri, two of her three daughters, and I took off early Friday morning with the biggest vehicle we had, a Tahoe.  We thought that would be plenty of space.  Little did we know, we would have to come up with some creative alternate space after only shopping for two hours.  Her daughters were both looking for items for their dorm rooms. They were fun to watch.  One of them was very methodical in her selections, and the other thought everything would look great in her dorm room.

I had a different purpose.  Since retiring from teaching, I decided to start painting furniture and interiors as an additional income for our household.  I wanted to pick up a few items that I could get for a good price, fix up, and resale.

To get to the 127 Yard Sale, you first have to determine where you are going to get on.  You can basically jump in anywhere.  When we got onto Hwy 127 near Static, KY, we stopped at a couple of spots that were scattered on the highway before we got to some of the large, multiple booth locations.  We actually found our best buys in these scattered spots.

After two hours of shopping, we had no more room in our car.  The girls had things in their laps and crammed in the backseat because we had to put part of the backseat down to accommodate a large solid wood filing cabinet I could not live without.  My friend had to call a pastor friend who pastors a church in the town we had not even gotten to yet, and asked him if we could unload our car so that we could continue shopping.  At that point, we had to put our “horse blinders” on, so that we could drive through all the booths we could not stop at until we got to the church to unload our first purchases.  (This did not count the 2 chairs that I had already bought, could not put in the car, and arranged to come back the next morning to pick.)  We then went back through the booths and continued our meticulous shopping.

It was a successful treasure hunt.  The college students and their mom found many of the items needed for their dorm rooms.  And I found some great deals that I can’t wait to repurpose and give new life to.  Now the loading and unloading and multiple trips to pick up all of our items, including the following morning is a whole other story for another time.

God is in the repurpose business.  He gives us new life as He speaks into our lives every day.  Be blessed.